Backstory Kitchen

We have vowed not to eat out as much as we did before we got married. And if we do eat out, we would eat out “responsibly.” This subconsciously meant that we would eat out at local eateries/restaurants.



We have chanced upon Backstory Kitchen in Don Mariano Cui St., near Capitol, in Cebu City, a long time ago, but never got the chance to eat there until recently. We loved what we saw outside and even loved what we saw inside. The interiors are decently decorated and hip. We loved that it is such a small place and located in an out-of-the-way place so there were not many patrons when we were there. In fact, the whole time we were there, we were the only ones eating, and we loved that fact.IMG_2954IMG_2952IMG_2951

We were going to order their all-day breakfast meals but they were not available that day. So we ordered their pasta + burger combo meal. Ours was original burger and carbonara pasta. It came with a free drink so we just ordered another drink. We originally thought it would be a small meal since its a combo meal but we were surprised when we got a full-serving of burger and a cup of pasta. Plus, the drinks, which were served in cute glass jars, were substantial.

Our verdict as to the taste of the food: Delicious! The burger, we thought, was one of the best burgers we’ve had in Cebu City. It was plain cheeseburger but there were mushrooms and sauteed onions, which complemented the generous and juicy patty really well. The pasta alfredo was very well-seasoned. We cream and the saltiness of the bacon were distinct and we loved that fact. The iced teas were okay, but we loved the addition of the cucumber and apple slices. We paid a total of P290 for the meal, which was not bad at all especially since it lasted us more than two hours of boxing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.52.43 PM




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