Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

The Tulapos Marine Sanctuary in Talingting (Enrique Villanueva), in Siquijor, is probably the oldest marine sanctuary I know existing in the island. It is definitely not the only marine sanctuary. Because the seas surrounding Siquijor is part of the very rich Bohol Sea, it is not a surprise that the Tulapos Marine Sanctuary would share in this abundance.






When we visited, it was a Monday so there were only two visitors. The care taker said he had several guests the day before and they had a good dive because they saw black-tipped sharks. The care taker also said it was a good day to dive because the weather was really great and the seas were not rough. It’s very easy to locate the sanctuary because people near the area know of the place. It’s best to ask from the town center though as people in other towns might not have heard of the sanctuaries.

The rates in the picture above are still the current rates. It is very cheap — but I cannot vouch for the integrity of the equipment and the training of the diving guide because I have not experienced diving in this sanctuary yet. I knew the sanctuary had a beautiful boardwalk but the care taker said the super typhoons who passed by the island damaged the boardwalk and there has been no enough funds to have it replaced. So, unless you are coming here to dive, the only thing you can probably do is enjoy the view.


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