Capilay Spring Park

Can you believe that in my 31 years of existence, I have only been to Capilay Spring Park in San Juan, Siquijor, thrice and in all occasions never did once jumped into the inviting green waters? I couldn’t believe either. The truth is, the waters of the Capilay Spring, which emanates from a mysterious source, scare me.


When I see the Capilay Spring, I would always see the spring of my childhood — really dark, moss green water, lots of brown foliage floating on top, unkempt surroundings. That has all changed now. The waters are clearer, most probably because the administrators have cleaned the bottom of the spring of moss and whatever undergrowth there was.



When we visited, the guards on duty (who, by the way, are not professionally-trained life guards) reminded us to rent life vests for my cousin and nephews because an adult died when he jumped onto the spring just days before. I asked how he died and the life guard said someone from underneath the waters pulled him. Argh! I hated how the life guard revived my childhood fear of unknown creatures living under the waters. But, the more logical explanation was the adult was very drunk and he must have bumped his head on the bottom, which is not very deep for diving anyway.

I turned cold again and decided to leave the spring park to order food from the not-so-far Dagsa Restaurant.

Entrance fee: None. Free.

Rentals: Life vest – PHP50.00, Rubber boats for children – PHP100 for 10 minutes

Food: Quite a few, including some boodle choices



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