P100 Teacup Flowers


My husband’s niece celebrated her 18th birthday and we decided to give her a “tea party.” Her favorite color is blue and hydrangeas (locally called “million”) were the only blue-colored flower we found when we went to the Freedom Park. We had a difficult time looking for hyndrangeas as they were almost already sold out, the day being a Friday (meaning lots of weddings to be held the following day). Good thing a kind flower vendor allowed me to buy three bunches of hydrangeas for P30 each bunch. I gave him a P100 bill and asked him to keep the change, which meant I paid P100 for these flowers.



I fell in love with these tea cups at the Gaisano Main. I believe they are leftovers as I could no longer find their pair saucer. The first time I saw them I didn’t have any real reason to buy them except I find them pretty. With the tea party birthday, I had a more valid reason to buy them, and so I did. They were sold for P42 each cup, expensive if I may say, given some tea cup and saucer set at the same department store sells for P40 or less per set. But never mind the price, they are pretty, right?


To set the flowers, I used floral foams soaked in water as the tea cups are shallow and I’m afraid the flowers would fall off if I use only water. This flower arrangement is great for recycling or reusing those old or chipped tea cups.


Tea cups are so pretty and sometimes it would break our hearts to throw away those that are chipped or cracked. I love using just one type of flowers, but I’m itching to experiment with mixed. Till then,


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