P10 Watercolor Print Paper Gift Wrap from Gaisano Main


On Saturdays when I have nothing to do, I take a leisurely stroll in downtown Cebu, specifically Colon Street, to window shop. My favorite mall is Gaisano Main, and I immediately head to their kitchen wares department (Level 4) to look for bargain ceramics. The kitchen ware department also houses home decor and their gift wrapping section. The stocks, I admit, are old but that is what I truly love about Gaisano Main.


The last time I was there, about a month ago, I was looking at their gift wraps and saw these paper gift wraps that they sold for P2.50 per roll (!!!). I saw that the gift wraps were old by the browning of the ages but I loved the print because it looked like they were watercolor paintings printed on paper. So, I bought four pieces and thought I’d make accordion decors out of them for a tea party we were planning.


To create the accordion, I just folded the paper back and forth (see above) in similar size. It would be best if the folds are of equal size but it will make just a little difference. So no need to obsess. After this, I folded the paper into two and glued the two centers.



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