Subtle Marimar

I was one of the millions of Filipinos enthralled by Thalia. I loved her hair, her perfect teeth, her eyes, the way her hands move when she speaks.. I was amused when there were rumors saying she had ribs removed to have such a tiny waist. I loved her hair, her hair!! But most of all, I loved her off-shoulder outfits. I was in high school when Rosalinda aired and I thought I would be like her when I grow up — funny, confident, and beautiful. I always dreamt of her off-shoulder outfits.


When we were invited to a wedding mid-month, I thought the motif was a perfect way to show case my inner subtle Marimar. Also, I am posting this on the occasion of the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month — to remind myself to always take care of my body and my health because by virtue of being a woman, I can get breast cancer anytime.

I’m wearing Mix and Match Handmade’s drop earrings, Forever 21 lace dress from my grandaunt, floral scarf from my grandma, and Le Donne strappy sandals.

Happy weekend, and happy Halloween!


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