Cheapest Pizza Crust Ever

The cheapest pizza crust in all of Philippines is in Dumaguete.

In Dumagute, we found probably the cheapest pizza crust in all of Philippines — P18 for a 10″ pizza crust from Lee Cimbali Cafe, at the basement level of Lee Super Plaza.

We only bought two because there was a limited supply and we don’t have a refrigerator at the hostel we were staying. As soon as we got home, we bought ingredients to make pizza at home. We also incorporated the Spanish chorizo that we were able to snap up from Anna Maria’s. The pastry shop was closing their downtown branch that day and we were so glad we were able to pay them a visit.


I think pizza making is not really “cooking” at all because when you have a crust ready, all you have to do is arrange the toppings, place the pizza in the oven and let the oven do the cooking. Whatever rocks your boat, the pizza would taste great. For our pizza, we used Del Monte pizza sauce and Che Vital cheese (because both are cheap). Because I love onions, I added generous amount of onions for my part of the pizza. After arranging the toppings, bake the pizza in the oven for several minutes (maybe 15 minutes) or a pan (just cover the pan) or toaster oven (just slice the pizza to fit the toaster oven).



The Lee Cimbali pizza crusts were thin, but they were not rubbery, and they were doughy. I have no complaints at all, really, because for P18!!??, it’s really a mighty thrifty find!


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