Banana-Coconut Flour Pancakes


My husband and I have been frequenting the Farmers’ Market at SRP, and last Saturday, we bought half a kilo of bananas. Because we had a rather heavy dinner last night (thank you family!), I decided to make a healthier breakfast to try to make up for the scrumptious dinner. These banana pancakes are an update to these Flourless, 3-Ingredient Pancakes as today’s pancakes involved more than three ingredients and incorporated a new twist.



5 overripe bananas (the type for cooking), peeled and mashed

1 egg

baking soda

baking powder



coconut flour

There are no exact measurements, sorry. Just make sure the batter is not too wet so that it will still hold its shape when you flip the pancakes. The addition of the coconut flour added an interesting texture and nutty flavor to the pancakes. I also find that the coconut flour is already sweet on its own so no other kind of sugar was added to the batter. I still have a cup of coconut flour stored in our tiny pantry and I’m still looking for other ways to incorporate the precious ingredient (precious because it was kinda expensive) into dishes.

I topped the pancakes with a dollop of peanut butter (my husband’s favorite) because peanut butter goes well with bananas. My husband said we are like athletes eating a gluten-free breakfast.


Good morning and happy breakfast!


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