Up Up and Away Hot-Air Balloon Table Centerpieces

Today, I am now halfway done with another set of centerpieces for my friend’s daughter’s first birthday. My friend has been urging me to make this a business, but I am not inclined to follow her advice because my main motivator in making things is when they are for people I love. It’s been almost a year since her eldest daughter’s Up, Up and Away second birthday party and I still haven’t shared here the centerpieces I made for Mia.


I wish I could say that this project was an easy project. It was not an easy project as it took me about 2 weeks to complete (although my boyfriend and I completed some procedures just an hour a day) and there are aspects in the project that were tedious (mostly because I wanted to challenge myself). It is best to have all materials (except for the fresh flowers) on hand before starting the project so that everything will run smoothly.



Materials used:

Paper boxes (I bought 2 packs from a Peso Store, P79 each pack)

Balloons (I bought a pack each of yellow, white and lavender balloons from a Peso Store, P75 each pack)

Balloon blower(?) (P79 from Peso Store)

BBQ sticks (I bought 1 pack of 10-inch sticks at Caro & Marie)

Floral foam (P25/block at Carbon Market)

Candle wick string (already owed)

Washi tapes (from Daiso, P69/roll)

Scotch tape

Fresh flowers (a bunch each of asters, chrysantemums, and roses, P150 in all)

Step 1: Create the paper boxes. They were pre-made and all we had to do was unfold them. They had “handles,” which I folded inside the box to hide them. I secured the bottom of each box with transparent scotch tape. This step took us not more than 30 minutes.

Step 2: Blow the balloons. I was to make 12 balloons, and I used 4 balloons each of yellow, white and lavender. My boyfriend did the balloon blowing while I watched. This step took him not more than an hour to complete.

Step 3: Cover the bbq sticks with washi tapes. I think this step was not necessary but I had lots of washi tapes and I want to use all of them up so I can buy new ones. This was time consuming — we spent about 2 hours — because we secured the washi tapes with transparent scotch tape to make sure they don’t unfold during the party.

Step 4: Cut the floral foam into blocks enough to fit the paper boxes. Soak the floral foam blocks in water. Wrap the floral foam blocks with cellophane and secure the cellophane with scotch tape. Before wrapping the floral foam blocks with cellophane, we let excess water drip out from the blocks. We did this step a day before I was to arrange the fresh flowers into the boxes.

Step 5: Stick the bbq sticks into the floral foam to create a base for the balloon. If you think that would be easy to do, I tell you, it wasn’t. The first time we stuck the sticks (?), the balloons were too low, we had to remove the sticks and repeat the process until we achieved the perfect height for the balloons. Also, we had to make sure the sticks and the balloons were in uniform height. We secured the balloons with scotch tape.

Step 6. Add flags. This one took a lot of time due to the trimming of the washi tapes to create flags. I thought the hot-air balloons looked better with the flags though so I think the time spent was worth it.

Step 7: Add the fresh flowers. This step was the most time-consuming as I practically spent the whole night and a few hours at dawn to finish arranging the flowers.



Using some of the leftover boxes and flowers, I made a decor for the brownies I also gave to the kids. I used two barbecue sticks as “posts” but inserted them inside a paper straw. I stamped the letters of the kids’ names and stringed together the letters with a candle wick string.

While the project took long to complete, I was fairly satisfied with the outcome because I achieved the goals I mentioned above. The hot-air balloons also turned out to be quite cute and earned me a few pats in the back.


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