DIY Make-up Brush Cleaner

Today is another long weekend (or the end of another long weekend) in the Philippines as we celebrate Heroes’ Day. Be your own hero by taking the time to clean your make-up brushes, using materials easily available at home, and your skin will thank you for it.




What you will need are: anti-bacterial hand wash, olive oi, a clean plate, a clean glass, and wet tissues.


In the plate with the oil-soap mixture, swirl the brushes until you have all the bristles covered in the mixture. Then swirl the brush in the clean plate to remove the dirty residue. Do this with the rest of the brushes, if you cleaning more than one brush.

I removed the excess dirty residue from the brushes using anti-bacterial wet wipes, and repeated the process of cleaning the brushes with a clean oil-soap mixture. After the second cleaning, I let tap water ran through the brushes and removed the remaining water.



To let the brushes dry, I placed them in a bowl with deeper sides (you can also use a drinking glass). And that’s it! This process didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to finish, although it might take the whole day for the brushes to totally dry.


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