Cauliflower Rice

Filipino that I am, I am a big rice eater. Even when I’m eating noodles, there should be rice on the side. At worst, even when I’m eating spaghetti, I sneak in a few spoons of rice. Rice is not bad, not bad at all, but I’ve been trying to experiment with cooking rice and incorporating vegetables and proteins into it so that I can consume less of the rice (carbohydrates!) and more of the nutrients from the vegetables and meat. DSC_7294

We are lucky to live near the South Road Properties (SRP), the location of one of the biggest farmers’ market in Cebu. Cauliflower from farms in Cebu City mountain barangays and neighboring towns only cost P100/kilo. One head of cauliflower weighs about half a kilo. I have incorporated cauliflower into rice (to simulate “cauli-rice”) but I could not bear to eat all cauliflower without the rice.


To make the cauliflower rice, you need cooked rice (day-old is fine), cauliflower, and whatever you have in the refrigerator/pantry.

To cook, chop the cauliflower into small pieces, smaller than corn kernels. You can saute the cauliflower with oil or steam-fry it without oil. Cook the cauliflower before adding the rice because the rice no longer need cooking.

I serve this with chopped garlic. This makes a perfect partner for Gourmet Tuyo.

Happy Weekend!


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