Banana-Nice Cream


The weather here in Cebu has been summery the past days and eating ice cream is one thing I’ve been thinking of doing to ward off the heat.  One of the most recurring recipes in vegan/vegetarian/raw Youtube channels and blogs is the banana “nice” cream. I thought it must be a good recipe then because of the many suggestions but I also thought must be just a hype — because bananas are easily available, and some Youtubers and bloggers purport it as a “healthy” and easy alternative to ice cream.

I thought the banana nice cream was more hype than good, but I tried the recipe anyway because I had bananas and it was super easy to make. For this recipe, I used 5 small bananas (because the bananas I had were the size of my thumb) that I got from the Cebu Farmers’ Market, peeled them, placed them in a plastic container and placed the container with the bananas in the freezer. I froze the bananas for 2 days (not because I intended it that way but because I got busy the day after I froze the bananas). The point is, the bananas must be frozen before you make the ice cream.


Two days after, I popped the frozen bananas to my Hanabishi blender and started blending the bananas. What you’ll get is a really thick, cream-like outcome. I added a splash of soy milk (the only milk I had) to thin out the bananas. Once the bananas are smoothly blended, you can take it out of the blender and eat it.  True enough, it was delicious and super easy, and what I liked about it was it was dairy-free, which made my stomach happy.

A few minutes after my boyfriend and I tasted the ice cream, I decided to add some After 8 chocolates (because After 8 is my favorite ice cream flavor and I happened to have the chocolates in my fridge, thanks to my lovely friend). It went well, although the amount of After 8 I added to the ice cream was not enough to convert the banana ice cream to the mint-chocolate ice cream I was looking for.


Overall, it was a good try.  I’m excited to make this for my cousins and nephews because they love ice cream and this is a cheaper and easier (not to mention, homemade) alternative to commercial ones. I would definitely make it again and experiment with different add-ons.


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