How to Make Crepes at Home


Happy Monday! To start off our week, let me share with you something I thought I could never make at home — crepes! My nephew LOVES crepes, especially mango crepes with vanilla ice cream. When we go out, he’d always ask for crepes. It never occurred to me that crepes are so easy to make until I had leftover batter from this pancake recipe and leftover milk from the said recipe.

DSC_7040What I did was gradually add splashes of milk to the pancake batter until the consistency of the mixture becomes watery — thinner than the pancake batter.  At my first attempt at making crepes, I didn’t have a non-stick pan but I had a pan with a flat bottom. I used that and only greased the pan substantially to prevent the batter from sticking. A non-stick pan makes your life easier, but crepes are not impossible to make without a non-stick pan.

DSC_7041 DSC_7042 My nephew was lucky I had a jar of cookie butter and chocolate swirl (thank you, benefactor!), so we used that as a spread. DSC_7031

My nephew ate three crepes, and he was temporarily relieved from the wounds resulting from his circumcision. I was happy he loved the crepes, but sad he’s no longer a little boy. How time flies so fast!


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