Inexpensive Facial at Home


Fridays are most people’s “last day of the week,” and by this time, stress from work and life start in show in our physical appearance. By Friday, I am often sluggish and wanting to gulp down more than my requisite cup of coffee, my hair dry and itchy, and my face oily and blotchy, add to that break-outs when it’s near “my time of the month.” Aside from the physical appearance, my mind usually wanders far on Fridays. Oftentimes, my mind wanders to my bed or a beach in our province. Work and our everyday activities take a toll and they often appear in our face. In order to de-stress myself, I find time every Friday night to perform a “facial” ritual that won’t hurt the pocket.

Watson’s is my favorite go-to place for buying affordable beauty products. And I am currently hooked with some Watson’s brands products, such as the facial masks (P49 each), hair masks and their buy 1-take 1 hand soap. I also love their Marionnaud brand for affordable make-up and beauty brushes. I bought the face brush for only P150. Really cheap compared to Clarisonic or Clinique. The brush may not be for those with sensitive skin though as the bristles are itchy and not super soft, the reason why I use it only once a week. St. Ives is an old favorite, which I use alternately with Human Nature’s Purifying Facial Scrub.

Now, enough with the talking, I’m going to get my Friday facial, hoping to get a good night sleep coz it’s the weekend!

Good night!


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