Instant Chicken Noodles

DSC_6975The sun has steadily come out the past days, but the nights remain cold, with me often getting up in the middle of sleep to urinate. Oftentimes, I couldn’t go back to sleep immediately and would be tempted to get a bit of work done or do some reading or research (on food). Also, oftentimes, I would be tempted to eat something warm and savory, like a bowl of noodle soup. I don’t stock on instant noodles because I try to stay away from processed food as much as I can. So, when I have leftover chicken (roasted chicken tastes really good, as well), I save some for instant just-add-water noodle soup. This noodle soup healthier because it has lesser salt and sodium compared to instant noodles, but is not any less tasty. This noodle can also be prepared ahead in the evening for tomorrow’s lunch (just add water!)


fresh Japanese ramen (this is made in Cebu noodles that I bought from Taboan Market for P10 per pack)

shredded chicken meat (I used leftover Sr. Pedro roasted chicken)

boiling hot water

vegetables of choice, sliced thinly (my choice of vegetables was cabbage, carrots and green onions)

herbs and other condiments of choice (salt, pepper, a dash of Kikkoman soy sauce, and a splash of sesame oil)


DSC_6971 DSC_6973

To store the noodles, I used an Ikea glass jar with lid. I don’t know where to buy this specific jar in Cebu, but I saw similar ones at Robinson’s Department Store. Any food container will do as long as it can handle heat from the boiling water.


1. Place the noodles at the bottom of the jar. The pack of noodles can serve three. If you like your noodles to be on the mushy side, pre-cook the noodles (about 2-4 minutes) before placing them in the jar.

2. Add the sliced vegetables and shredded chicken meat. Omit the meat if you’re vegan. If you don’t like eating almost raw vegetables, blanch the vegetables before placing them in the jar.

3. Add the boiling water. Add the salt, pepper, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Let sit for a few minutes.

4. Slurp! Enjoy!




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