OUTFIT | Throwbacks

Left: thrifted silk top, thrifted checkered skirt, Michael Kors flats Right: thrifted polka dot top, thrifted jogging pants, sister’s bag

I have been missing from this blog for more than five months.. Yes, life has taken me out from it, but that is not exactly the reason why I have been silent for a long time. The truth is, I got lost. I felt a mid-life crisis in my blogging life and felt like I was in a cross-road and I didn’t know where to go. I thought my blog, this blog, no longer had any direction and I felt I have somehow outgrown “thrifting” and my thrifting adventures.

I was silent because I tried to find myself and started something new, but that something new turned out to be a crappy version of my blogging self because I realized my blogging self is here, in this blog. This is the blog I started a few years ago because I felt a major change was coming to my life — and major change indeed as I started to live on my own. And this is the blog that I will continue to nurture as life continues to change me. So, I’m back, and I’m glad.

Left: thrifted eyelet dress, gifted bag, Michael Kors flats Right: vintage maxi dress, vintage bag, thrifted Roger Vivier sandals
Left: thrifted silk top, sister’s bag Right: vintage top, thrifted shorts, flats from Gaisano Main
Left: thrifted silk dress, gifted bag, thrifted Miu miu sandals Right: thrifted linen dress, old Levi’s denim jacket
Left: thrifted knitted dress, bayong, thrifted Miu Mui sandals Right: vintage dress, thrifted leather clutch, LeDonne sandals

In honor of “coming home,” I collated some of the outfits I wore the past months. After all, this blog is a blog for all things thrifted, including, of course, clothes! 🙂

Left: Vintage dress, bayong, Illustrado mandals Right: Vintage dress, gifted bag and shoes



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