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I’ve been to several garage sales, but have never been to a moving-out sale. I’m always on the look-out for one, especially for expats living in Cebu and moving out, but I had no luck. Until my husband and I were waiting for our marriage contract at the Bible school in the city and we saw an advertisement for a moving-out sale. We were lucky because the moving out sale was on that day and just in the other building.

The foreigner who owned the things sold was moving to a smaller apartment and their furniture (which are huge) cannot fit in the smaller home. I could not buy the furniture because they would not fit our also small apartment, but I was lucky he had books for sale. And they were only for P10 each!!! These are my second copies of The Elements of Style (really helpful for writers and editors, and a fun read too) and The Cather In The Rye. My first copies were borrowed and never returned. Yep, these are really good books.


3 thoughts on “FIND | P10 Books

  1. 10 pesos each?! that’s dirt-cheap! i’d grab them in a heartbeat!!! good on you for scoring those books at such an amazingly low price!

    omg, why all these exclamation points? lol. books excite me, sorry. i love buying secondhand books. my books i used to buy from booksale but now that i’m living here in melbourne, i look for them at thrift shops or at flea markets (which they call “trash and treasures” over here). averaging at $3 to $7, i still find them expensive, though. because i still have the tendency to convert. also, because i’m cheap like that. hahahaha.

    but, yeah, “the catcher in the rye” is an awesome, awesome book! i’ve never read c.s. lewis’s “miracle” though. tell me if it’s good. =)

      1. it is. especially when you’re used to counting and paying in philippine peso. hehe.

        see you around wordpress!

        oh, and i love thrifting too. if we were friends in real life, we’d definitely have that as our bonding moments. lol.

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