Stackable Mugs, Vintage-Inspired Kettle

DSC_6673Since I moved to a tiny apartment, I have started to be conscious as to the things I buy for myself and for the home as I do not have much space to store things and I don’t want to be bothered with too many things to arrange. One of the things I have been on a look-out for were stackable mugs. I’ve found a lot of stackable cups (especially those commonly used by hotels and catering companies), but I wanted mugs that could more than five sips of coffee or chocolate. I also wanted them to be cheap (my blog isn’t called “Thrifting Adventures” for nothing). I finally found those mugs at the Gaisano Main store at a bargain price of P15 each. There were only a few pieces left and I only need four (because of space) and was finally happily making and sipping coffee each morning.

DSC_6675 DSC_6676

DSC_6677And because I couldn’t resist it, I also bought a vintage-inspired floral enamel kettle for P450. There was a kettle that I loved more than the kettle I bought but that kettle’s handle was plastic and I fear it would melt in the long run. The kettle I bought has an enamel and wood handle, so I’m hoping it will last me more years. I love the kettle and enjoy boiling water with it every day. My friend’s daughter calls it “like a toy.” These are what I call thrift finds for the home.



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