September #OOTD (and some realizations)

September was a busy month for me. I took a short course on bread making and baking at our town’s TESDA and would be home on most days tired with sore feet. We were not just baking, we were also washing tons of bowls, whisks, and pans, and scrubbing tables and floors. In between classes, I had time to relax to celebrate our island’s provincehood and take a quick stroll at our neighboring city, Dumaguete.

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’d be lulled back and forth from food to places, food to places. Anyways, here are few of my #ootd from last month. I’m hoping for another busy, but fulfilling month.


I wore this outfit to attend the wake of one of my grandmother’s friends. While I’m a scaredy-cat, I went with my grandma because I also knew and fondly remembered the person who departed. She was my grandma’s workmate and because I frequented their office since I was still a child, I felt my grandma’s friends were also my friends. I remembered the departed as having an infectious laughter and a pleasing character that her “obligatory” funeral picture was of her wearing swimwear on top of a jetski flashing her smile. When I saw that picture I thought of my own death and wake and funeral and thought that’s how I want people to remember me — on happy times.

sept02 In mid-September, my boyfriend and I went for a quick stroll to Dumaguete — probably our favorite city. We there for roughly 4 hours but then I think that’s enough to have our fill of the little city. I have been wearing this pair of Michael Kors flats that my aunt sent me. These are very comfortable and have helped me and my feet a lot during baking classes.


This dress was one of the vintage gems I got from my last thrifting adventure, which was still last summer. I realized that my attitude and outlook towards thrifting has significantly changed when I moved to my own little apartment. While I used to thrift almost every Sunday — and oftentimes, everyday when I needed shopping therapy — I am now gearing myself towards purging, letting go of things, and making sure the things I surround myself with are the things I love and truly deserve. Also, style-wise, I think I may have nailed my “look” and am no longer searching for that perfect dress, perfect skirt, perfect whatever. I wished though that this realization came years ago, but then, I am just glad I am now at this stage of mindset.


For the longest time, I’ve stayed away from stretch dresses and clothes. I know they’re very easy to wear and could highlight the good parts in one’s body. For the longest time, I’ve been insecure of my body — because I’m not skinny enough, because I am curvy, and whenever people (including close friends) would see me they seem to immediately point to my gaining weight and getting big. But, here’s one thing I learned — that what one person says of another reflect more of themselves than of the person they’re referring to. (?I don’t know if that’s clear.) What I mean is, when you speak ill of someone, speaking ill shows your character and not of the person you’re talking about. I realized that if people only see me by my weight, then it’s their problem, not mine, and I should not be offended and get defensive as a result. So there, I wore this stretch dress (from our beloved benefactor, our dear aunt) for a movie date to watch Kenshin, my favorite anime character, and just werked it.

Happy October!


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