FOOD | McDonald Apple Pie Hack

IMG_1951 My nephew, who lives in the province with no access to fastfood (luckily!), instantly fell inlove with McDonald’s apple pies the first time he tried it. And as his custom, he always asks if we can make the pies at home. I’m no cook nor baker, but I’d rather tell my nephew nothing’s impossible than tell him that his only chance of eating apple pies is from a big fastfood corporation.

So when he asked me to make the apple pies, I had to research frantically on how to make it. I have no oven in my apartment, so I ditched the baking part. I instantly thought of empanadas. I used the crust recipe from Yummy’s Trio of Empanadas because I made it before and loved how it tasted. My mini apple pie recipe is probably not the healthier version to McDonalds’ but it’s a fun activity because my nephew, who was very eager to eat the finished product, was very engaged in the process. He sliced the apples and rolls and cuts the dough, and made his own design of pies.

IMG_1952 IMG_1954 For the apple filling, I simply looked for apple pie recipe in the Internet and used the recipe for the filling. had to improvise though because I could not procure all the ingredients listed. For one, I used kalamansi instead of lemon, and did not use any cornstarch to thicken the apple sauce. IMG_1955 IMG_1956

The mini apple pies were a success, at least for my nephew who can’t stop eating them, and I’m beginning to think that the pies will become a Christmas tradition in our family.


2 thoughts on “FOOD | McDonald Apple Pie Hack

  1. Wow—wasn’t that sweet of you to fulfill your nephew’s dream of an apple pie. I’ve made hundreds of apple pies from scratch, but now that I live here on the tropics, your version makes much more sense!
    Congrats on your successful mini pies!

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