Lavender Gown for a Wedding in July


Last July, and probably, this year’s summer, was one of the best time of my life. My nephew was born, and while he invaded much of my apartment with his little things, toys, clothes, and cotton buds, I am super delighted with his smelly neck and his deep gurgling laughter. Also, my tita and her family came home and we got to hang out with our penguin of a cousin, who turned out to be wacky and as crazy as the rest of her cousins. And there was a wedding in July — and I wore lavender (again).



“Again” because I’ve worn lavender too many times to a wedding. It’s not my favorite color, but, apparently lavender really works well in weddings. I’m wearing a thrifted dress that my aunt brought home. I was impressed with the quality of such a thrifted dress — it looked and felt brand new, but doesn’t cost as much. I loved the subtle silver detail in the neckline, and this is probably the “most naked” dress I’ve worn in recent times. I paired it with earrings I bought from a highschool schoolmate — her shop is Mix and Match (@mixandmatchhandmade) — these were beautiful earrings and were also super light; a vintage gold-strapped bag, and Gibi sandals.

Here’s my #flashbackfriday! A photograph of me wearing different shades of lavender in a wedding:



One thought on “Lavender Gown for a Wedding in July

  1. Hi Psyche,

    I just love this lavender dress, as for myself I love the cool lavender color. Great fit on you for a vintage find!
    If I were you, I’d have it shortened to street length to wear to a future cocktail party..

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