August #OOTD


This month, I resolved to clean my small apartment and reduce the things I own — not that I own many things, but because I realized I never use some of those things and it was of no use keeping them. One of the first things to go were clothes, so I posted a message in Facebook asking my friends and acquaintances whether they’d want clothes. Many replied and I have packed some clothes for each person, although I have not gotten around to delivering/sending all of the packages yet. Anyway, because I was purging my closet (I managed to reduce it to 10 small baskets of clothes), I was able to finally wear the clothes I love that were gaining dust. Purging, and throwing away useless clutter, did not only help make my small apartment look more spacious, they also cleared my mind, as I finally let go of the emotions attached to the things I gave/threw.

However, before finally giving some of my clothes away, I had to wear some of them because I loved them so much, only they wrap around my body like the skin of a delicious chorizo de Cebu. They’re so tight!



Before I bid August adieu, I packed white shirts, black pants and comfortable closed shoes in my bad and sent them to my hometown because September will be back to school for me, vocational school that is. I’m excited, probably more excited than when I went to college and law school because I want to learn so many things, and hoping I can share what I learn from the short course here in the blog.


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