Headband Using Pink Paper Flowers

DSC_6501I’m a typical girly-girl. I love clothes, dressing up, applying and wearing make-up. I take pictures every time I’m drinking coffee, especially when I’m at a coffee shop where lighting is really good. I dream of Paris. And like a typical girly-girl, I adore flowers, and flower headbands.

After a busy half year, I now find myself having more time at the end of the day and on weekends, so I’m trying to pursue some craft projects. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was make my own floral headbands, or garlands. I’ve seen very few headbands in stores and most of them are too “childish.” So, one weekend, I finally was able to make a floral headband. I think making headbands is a good bonding activity between mommy and kids or auntie and kids, and making your own headbands — for weddings or children’s parties — is more thrifty and fun!

Materials used:

1 bunch pink paper roses (P25)

1 bunch pink paper rose buds (P28)

green crepe paper

Elmer’s glue

floral wire

wire cutter






Lay out all your materials in the table or floor. This way you’ll be able to work easier and faster. Most of the materials used are found in school supplies stores (crepe paper, glue, and scissors). The floral wire I bought from a flower stall at the Carbon market. I bought a roll (about 20 meters) for P50. The wire cutter I bought from Expressions. The cutter is old as I used that when making earrings years before. There are variety of ready-made flowers (made of paper, fabric or plastic) in dressmaking supplies’ stores. Downtown Cebu is a good source for these materials.


I measured 20 inches of the floral wire and doubled the length. The floral wire is flimsy so I doubled it. I wrapped the wire around each other so it would look compact.

DSC_6496 I then cut 2 strips from the crepe paper — 1/2 inch thick and wrapped the paper around the floral wire. I used glue to hold the crepe papers in place. Don’t put too much glue because the crepe papers are really thin.

DSC_6497 At each end of the wire I made a loop. I was thinking that maybe I can wrap a ribbon around this loop so that anyone can wear the headband. We don’t have the same head circumference and the headband can be worn on top of the hair or as a headband tucked under the hair. If you don’t want a loop, you can join the ends, twist them together and cover it with crepe paper. Make sure to glue the crepe paper.


DSC_6499Finally, place the flowers on the headband. The flowers I bought come with stems, so you can just easily wrap them around the band. Arrange the flowers the way you want them — but I think a cluster of three or more flowers would like great.


I was absolutely pleased with the headband I made I had to wear it and post a picture in Instagram. Now, I’m dreaming of making my own flowers and more headbands.

Happy Monday, and hope you have a great week ahead!



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