FOOD | Flourless, 3-Ingredient Pancakes


Good morning!

Yesterday, I took a break from work and browsed my Facebook feeds for updates from my friends and family, and chanced upon a good friend’s convo with her friend on pancakes. Her friend suggested my friend try another alternative to our usual pancakes. Their convo reminded me that I still have a recipe to post in this blog that has been gathering dust in my drafts folder.

I usually get a surplus of bananas from my family in Lazi, Siquijor. Our town grows lots of bananas — we hold the Saging Festival every year to commemorate such — and I seldom buy bananas here in the city because when folks come visit me they bring me lots of good stuff from our province, including bananas. I made this recipe some months ago when I had overly-ripe bananas. I posted another recipe using overly-ripe bananas two years ago, and you might also want to check that recipe out because it was more indulgent what with the vanilla ice cream on top. I used Eugenie Kitchen’s recipe for the banana pancakes I made.


bananas (overly ripe ones for the “banana smell”), mashed

eggs, beaten

baking power

Ingredients: 3 bananas (but I added 1 later because the mixture was too eggy), 2 eggs, and a tsp of baking powder
To cook the pancakes, I used a non-stick tamagoyaki pan so I won’t need to add oil. Flip the pancakes once you see bubbles form.
And, tada! They are thick banana pancakes because I did not mash the bananas finely. I made 8 mini pancakes, and topped them with syrup and cinnamon.



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