Vintage Argenti Silk Dress for my Beastfriend’s Wedding

I’ve been asking myself if posting outfit photos are still relevant and interesting in my blog, knowing that I am not a fashion blogger. True, I love dressing up, I read fashion magazines and keep a few of them, I browse fashion websites, I keep myself updated in fashion trends, and even took some few minutes off my day browsing the #kimye wedding photos to check on Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress — I don’t love fashion.


But I love vintage clothes and I love vintage style. So, to validate my continued posting of outfit photos, although I don’t know if anyone cares, I answered myself and said…the purpose of this blog is all about “thrifting” and “being thrifty” and enjoying life, while being thrifty. And in my life, I am thriftiest when it comes to clothes, so…I guess I’d continue to post outfit photos.

Anyway, I had this Argenti 100% silk dress for some time now. The dress is a size or two bigger than me, but it reminded me of something my beautiful grand-aunt would wear, so I bought it. I had the chance to wear it when one of my friends from highschool, who I endearingly call “beastfriend” got married. To make the dress fit me, I adjusted the button closure at the waistline, and trimmed and rolled the sleeves up. I love this dress, and I’m glad I wore it to a happy occasion.

I paired the silk dress with thrifted nude Staccato pumps and vintage clutch.


4 thoughts on “Vintage Argenti Silk Dress for my Beastfriend’s Wedding

  1. Keep blogging if it makes you happy. I was asked just few minutes ago the reason why I blog. My answer was simple, for memories. Not for traffic nor fame nor anything, but memories.

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