La Vie Parisienne & Does It Live Up to the Hype?

One hot summer afternoon, I was in the vicinity of the “pink house.” My cousin and I called it the “pink house” and I thought that if I had money, I would buy the house. Until the house opened to the public, and I had no money. I was looking for crepes but the restaurant opens only at 6:30. The boulangerie though is open all day so we ordered food there. La Vie Parisienne is a very popular place, especially for people who want to post pictures in Instagram. I loved the chocolate cake we ordered (P80 per slice) because it tasted like the super-moist brownies I used to bake in college. The coffee — Americano (P100) and Macchiato (P130) — was so-so, not spectacular. The deli sub had generous serving of pork, but I had to chew carefully because the bread was hard and I was afraid my false teeth would fall if I eat the sandwich hurriedly. We went there at 4PM, in the middle of summer, so it was probably a bad time, as I had difficulty relaxing because of the heat. Maybe we should come back on cooler months to enjoy the wine, and the crepes I was looking for.



I managed to insert an outfit post — this is to thank my grand-aunt of the clothes I received from her last Christmas. The sheer top (which had an open back) had sequined sleeves.
Lovely at night.

Update — I’ve been to La Vie countless of times already, and, I must say, I still don’t like it. I have an issue with the breads being displayed in the open (dust, flies). I have an issue with the cramped cashier counter. At night, there are too many people and the lights are too bright for me. I find the place really, really lovely, but I still have to find the right time when there are not that many people disrupting my wine time.


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