New Mobile Phone Cover Using Washi Tape

Washi tapes are very popular these days — check Pinterest and/or Instagram, and you’ll find lots of posts and pins on washi taps. I find them so cute. I found washi tapes at the Savemore branch in Emall, and I bought two rolls at P50 each. Last night, I was working over time, got bored, and decided to upgrade the cover of my Cherry mobile phone.

Prior to writing this blog, I did a quick research on what “washi” is, and found that “washi” is a Japanese word for the paper made from the fibers of plants. Paper making in Japan was done by hand and was an art form, a craft where whole families dedicate their lives to it. Like many traditional art forms in Japan, every material used in the paper or washi had meaning. Here’s a more in-depth read on washi.

The washi rampant nowadays are not made by hand, and most of them are not made of paper. For this DIY, I used a washi whose texture was like thin fabric. This is a very simple DIY, and I finished it in less than 30 minutes.




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