How to Personalize Give-away Planners


Even in this age of technology, I still can’t bring myself to use a tablet or a smartphone to keep my schedule organized. It must be just a mental thing — but I love to write down to-do lists, future activities and budgets in paper. I also love ticking off or scratching out done tasks. It makes me more “fulfilled” as compared to when I just typed it in a digital planner. I also love not being able to totally erase my plans. In short, I love planners.

At the end of each year, I am always excited to get one. I have found the perfect planner in a Muji one, but I wasn’t able to buy one before 2014 started. I was thankful though to have received a planner from my boyfriend’s cousin. It’s a give-away planner from their insurance company but the paper is good, and I thought there would no longer be any use to buy a new one since this one would do.

To elevate the planner to a “cuter” and “prettier” level, I pimped it up by covering the planner with cloth from a skirt that no longer fits me and covering the monthly page dividers with magazine scraps. I also had washi tapes lying around the house and I made use of them to cover up traces of the insurance company’s name.

IMG_1990 IMG_1991 IMG_1993 IMG_1999 IMG_2000 IMG_2001 IMG_2002 IMG_2003

Materials used:

free 2014 planner

old skirt

glue gun and stick (used to stick the cloth onto the planner)


magazine pages

double sided tape to stick the magazine pages onto the paper

washi tapes



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