My Grown-Up Christmas List

I am a lousy gifter. I rarely give “material” gifts, but I also give gifts anytime of the year when I see things I know my family and friends would love. I know it’s already Christmas eve, but still, it’s never too late to let people know what I truly want for Christmas. My fervent wish this Christmas is that there will be no more natural calamities — but that could not be granted, even if I harness all my powers to stop climate change. So, I made a list of material things I’d love to receive this Christmas and all throughout the year.

1. Ferragamo Flats

Ferragamo Vara Flats sold by Mayflower Supply & Co.

I see this pair in almost all the U.S. bloggers that I adore, but I still haven’t found this pair here in Philippine flea markets (although I’ve already bought another pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats from one of the Baguio wagwagan stalls). These flats are great for any occasion and they look comfortable and durable to last another lifetime (the good about excellent quality shoes). I hope my friends and family in the U.S. take this as a hint, or my readers in the Philippines point me to where I can buy these flats.

2. Magazine Subscriptions


dominoI read a lot of magazines because I enjoy short but interesting articles. I read any kind of magazines, but through the years I’ve only been loyal (in terms of subscription and hoarding) to two magazines: Lucky and Domino. Lucky for shopping and fashion and Domino for home and entertaining. When I moved to a very small apartment last year, I found myself tearing my favorite pages from around 5-years’ worth of Lucky magazines and throwing or recycling the rest of the magazine pages. With my too-small apartment, it was no longer sustainable to subscribe to the print editions. So, I’m glad there are digital subscriptions, although I’d be more than happy if someone else subscribe for me.

3. Make-up Brushes


I am not a make-up junkie but I admit I find myself watching at least one make-up tutorial each day. While I’m not particular with the cosmetic products I use (except for lipstick), I’d love to receive a set of high-quality make-up brushes. I wouldn’t mind also receiving good-quality concealer and foundation. Hehe

4. Office 2013


Those who know me know I am a certified Office fan. I have nothing against other word processing software. Office is just something I need for work. I fervently wish Santa reads my list, and grant me this — even if he doesn’t grant all the others I listed.



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