Thrift Tip: Recycling Wedding Flowers

Sometimes we leave wedding parties too dazed (either with love infected by the newly-wed couple or with too much booze served at the reception) and we never thought of what will happen to the flowers after the event.

At a recent wedding we attended as a photography service supplier, I chanced upon a big box of unused flowers — bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, wreaths. So I asked the flowers supplier if I can have one of the wreaths and the bouquet. I thought the flowers could add more life to my small apartment in these dusty and hot days. Because the flowers were arranged in a circular manner, I cannot put them into vases. Instead, I:DSC_1812

A flower kissing/pomander ball can be used to prettify a blah-looking mirror so that when you check your image, the sight of the flower would make you smile.
An #ikeahack idea: a plain-jane Ikea lamp gets “bohemed” by a wreath of flowers.


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