Wedding 101: Wedding Guest Outfit



This was the second time this year I got invited to a wedding whose motif was fuchsia aka hot pink. I don’t want to sound like an eager beaver but I love pink and I really love being invited to occasions that would allow me to indulge in a color that I love, but would not wear in huge doses on a daily basis. With weddings, I love that they allow me to be more romantic with my choice of outfit. I saved this hot pink vintage dress with a dainty lace collar for one of my friend’s wedding last June but didn’t wear it because it was too hot at that time and I gained too much hips from the endless eating of good summer food. Now, the dress is still snug on my hips and a stylist would probably suggest I stop wearing hip-hugging clothes without wearing Spanx but I don’t want to just look at this beauty of a dress on a daily basis and dream of a day to wear it. The day has come, and there would be no more “buts.” So, I wore it, and it was snug on the hips but really very loose on the waist (the problem of a curvy woman). I could not find a belt that would not clash so I grabbed this rosary-like long necklace from Forever21 that was given to me as a gift from my cousin. To cap the outfit, I wore this pair of white Aldo wedges given by my sister, but even before the wedding could start, one of the straps finally gave in (I had this pair for 5 years already) and I was limping throughout. Good thing, I brought slippers, which was also fitting because the ceremony was followed by a reception at a beach. This would be my first time to wear both vintage dress and Forever21 necklace. The necklace came with a crucifix (see picture 4) and I thought it was odd, even weird) but that day was not my day, that day would not be about me — that day would be for the newlyweds.


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