Souvenirs from Argao

In the last weekend of September, my boyfriend and I went to Argao to celebrate their fiesta. We were welcomed by our friend’s sister with a sumptuous lunch. So as not to interrupt our friend’s business for the fiesta activities, we walked around town and in the process ended up with some edible souvenirs.974512_4638887229338_1982069239_n

Dalandan (Philippine orange, also called “kahel”) for fresh juice. I don’t like processed/powdered dalandan juice, but I found the fresh juice really refreshing, sweet-tasting, and less scratchy to the throat than the kalamansi.
My daily tsokolate is 1 cup water + 3 pcs tableya + 3 tsps brown sugar.
Suncakes — a spin-off of the famous Argao torta, without the tuba. This is probably one of my most favorite cookies.

My friend was busy preparing the welcoming of celebrities who would be performing that night. After partaking of that delicious lunch, we walked around town, taking photographs of people and places, had snacks at Alex Kafe, went to church and the market, and bought our favorite Argawanon treats at Chitang’s. At 3PM, we were aboard a bus back to the city. (Shout out to the Llesol and Sarmago families, thank you!) For more of our one-day Argao trip, check out Slipper Game.


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