FOOD | Easy Pizzas

Pizza — probably one of the oldest food created by man — is also one of the easiest to make. You just bake dough and add anything you have. That is why I love pizzas. At least, the ones I make at home. There are great pizzas sold at Italian restaurants, pizza joints, and ready-to-eat ones in the supermarket, but there are more benefits, in terms of health, money, and taste, when you make your own at home. DSC_1807 DSC_1809 DSC_1810 DSC_1811

I don’t own an oven, and would probably never operate a gas-powered one ever again. I only have a small oven toaster at home so I buy frozen pizza crusts from the supermarket. I have also tried making pizzas using other types of bread such as focaccia, pan de sal, sliced bread, ciabatta, english muffins. I love its versatility, and the fact that you can add whatever you have in your pantry, without having to consume too much salt and grease (although these two are also really delicious). You can serve pizzas as appetizers for parties, for breakfast (you just crack an egg on top), for a quick lunch, and for a sumptuous or light (depending on your toppings) dinner.

For the two pizzas above, I used tomato paste (which I already have in the fridge), olives (also already in the pantry), leftover quickmelt cheese, green bell peppers (sweet and crunchy), and button mushrooms. They were not healthy pizzas but you can make your pizzas healthier by using healthier toppings and crust. Also, the night before, my boyfriend and I already ate 2 pieces each of bacon pizzas. We paired the pizzas with a simple salad of lettuce, apples and cucumbers drizzled with a little olive oil and a squeeze of half a lemon.


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