Neon & Stripes





Neon was a hit a few [fashion] seasons past. The last time I remembered wearing neon was in highschool — a neon orange sweater. As much as I want to deny wearing that sweater, I couldn’t because there are pictures to prove it. After highschool, neon only came in the form of highlighters and post-its. I don’t know why (maybe in my deepest subconscious I have a fetish for neon) but I bought this thing from my favorite accessories store in downtown Cebu. It was cheaper, already several percent off the original cheap price, and it looked like something other than a necklace. It could be a crown, or something you use to trace. This thing was already gathering dust in the apartment when I had the brilliant idea of wearing it together with this knitted black and white striped dress shirt and pair of thrifted Roger Vivier sandals. I think the color combinations worked, but I felt like a prisoner.


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