OUTFIT | The Ninang


I am not a very religious person, but I am a very dedicated godparent. Whenever someone asks me to be a ninang, I always think of something “conservative” to wear especially when the child would be baptized in a Catholic church because most of the churches here in the Philippines require conservative clothes. However, I still need to breathe while being ninang because the whole baptism affair takes long (from the ceremony to the baptismal party). I attempted to gather together all the outfits I wore for baptisms through the years.


I’m wearing a vintage straight-cut dress, a vintage belt, a vintage leather purse, and Finickee sandals for the baptism of my sixth godchild. The baptismal ceremony was at a Catholic church. The ceremony was followed by a lunch. This was on a Saturday.


One Sunday in September, I became a ninang to my 7th godchild, my 2nd god son (Lucas). I wore one of my most-treasured thrifted dress, Juan granny shoes (because I knew I would be standing during the ceremony) and a vintage quilted bag.


While I did not wear this to a baptism, this would be something I would wear to a baptism. I’m wearing a vintage dress that is a size or two bigger than me. Most of the time, I love to wear bigger sized clothes because they feel more comfortable and I just wear a belt to give me a waist. Also, wearing a loose and comfortable, but still conservative dress on a baptism is beneficial because most baptisms would involve getting cramped into a baptistry. I also wore a pair of gray pumps I bought from the ukay-ukay. The shoes and the belt are of the same color to make the outfit look for put together.





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