FOOD | Egg Sandwich & Road Trip Tips


It’s been a while since I posted a “food” blog post. It’s not that I have stopped eating healthy, or stopped eating altogether. It’s just that my blog is not a food blog, and, to be honest, I know very little about the technicalities of food. All I know is how to eat good food. 😛

Anyway, I want to share an easy sandwich I made that I brought with me to a road trip. This is a really basic egg sandwich. I used 2 harboiled eggs, a short-sized baguette, pickle relish, and salt and pepper to season the sandwich. The sandwich may come out bland for most so you can add more spices and ingredients, such as mayonnaise and chopped cheese. Please be careful with mayonnaise though because eggs and mayonnaise spoil quickly, so make sure to remember you have a sandwich with you. That’s why I excluded mayonnaise in my sandwich because I don’t want to spoil our vacation, especially when the place we were heading to did not have a hospital or medical facilities. Also, remember to be responsible on how you package your food. I think it’s best to place road trip foods on reusable containers or wrap them in paper.

The roads in Cebu province are dotted with food stalls, so you can stop and buy food whenever you are hungry. I love native Filipino food, especially delicacies, so I tend to buy that during road trips instead of “real food”.

Here are some of my reasons why bringing my own food is not just a thrifty way to road trips but also a healthier and safer way:

1. I don’t know how the food is prepared. I am not discriminating against road-side eateries. I am just being maarte and taking care of myself. I eat at eateries all the time but I carefully choose what to eat to be on the safe side. When forced to eat in road-side eateries, I choose the dishes that I can easily identify the ingredient used (e.g. fried fish, sliced meat) but I tend to stay away from chicken, eggs, minced pork, thick soups, and tap water.

2. My stomach is sensitive and I am afraid I won’t be able to enjoy the trip because I’m worrying of my stomach. The Philippines is not known to have the best medical facilities in the world. In fact, we may even have the worst. (I don’t know why our politicians don’t spend much on medical facilities when it is a good strategy for attracting tourists and visitors). I don’t want to drop my bowels in the middle of nowhere or end up in a faith healer’s house.

3. It is easier to turn down invitations to eat when you are bringing your own food. I talk to strangers and engage in conversations with them, but I won’t accept an invitation to eat food from a stranger.  While we try to open our eyes and see the world in new lights when we travel, it is also best to take safety precautions and never let your guard down. When we travel to unfamiliar places, despite the amount of prior research we do, there are local practices that never make it to the news, the books, and the Internet. These things we should be careful about. It’s easy to poison a traveler through food, so we should always be careful.


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