Vintage Swimsuit in Bunzie’s Cove

When I was younger, I bought swimwear that were trendy — skimpy, stringy and cut to leave only a little to the imagination. I wasn’t comfortable and I was in love with vintage already, so I now wear vintage swimsuits, which cover more skin (but are not necessarily less sexy) and are made of more durable materials than mass-produced or poorly-made swimswuits. has an extensive inventory of vintage swimwear and lingerie. The online store dates their vintage and includes substantial information and photos of their items. If you are interested in vintage swimwear and lingerie, the online store is a good resource guide.


I don’t own a lot of bathing suits, not being a beach baby. But I own a few that I love. One of them is the one I’m wearing above. (Okay, you can skip this post or close your eyes). πŸ˜›

To care for swimsuits (any kind, vintage or not), hand wash them. Some modern swimwear can withstand machine washing but I suggest you hand wash them. Use mild soap (but I don’t use detergent) and hang them well. I read somewhere that swimwear is better air dried than sun dried, so I do that. I guess, when you dry the swimwear directly under the sun, it becomes brittle.


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