Blending In at Bunzie’s Cove


This became my favorite chair and my favorite thing to do while at Bunzie’s Cove, in Tabogon. I can’t believe I haven’t read National Geographic magazines for a long time now. My grandma has lots of NatGeo magazines in her home, I love National Geographic magazines, and this location at Bunzie’s is next to the big window facing the sea, the sight making me wish I’m writing for the National Geographic instead.






Anyway, the purpose of this post is to let you know that on our first day at Tabogon, I blended well with the surroundings. I prepare my clothes for any trip a week (or weeks) before the actual trips so this was purely coincidental. Although this outfit is just really very basic road trip outfit made of pieces that are lightweight and won’t pack too much space in a weekender bag.

* Wearing thrifted sleeveless top, my sister’s shorts, vintage Ray-ban sunnies, D40 camera, and Banana Peel slippers *

Photos by Joel Lopez


3 thoughts on “Blending In at Bunzie’s Cove

  1. I was actually planning to go to Bunzie’s Cove last weekend but my friends backed out due to conflict of schedule. So I had to go somewhere else. I still want to go there. I’ve heard it’s really really nice there!

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