I Wear Men’s Pants

D7K_0041I think I may have already mentioned that I am not particularly a fan of skinny jeans. In fact, I am not a big fan of jeans. When I graduated from college, I gave away all of my pairs of pants, mostly because they didn’t fit anymore and mostly because I don’t want to look like everybody else. It was not about being unique, it was about not being comfortable with the usual Filipino combination of tank top + jeans. Denim pants also didn’t allow my crotch and my legs to breathe, so to get rid of those discomforts, I gave them away. Now, I have three pairs of denim jeans, and none of them are skinny, which, I think, should be rightly so because I would no longer define my body as skinny.


Not being skinny though is not an excuse not to look great. I still tend to gravitate towards comfort, especially when it comes to pants, which I why I love wearing men’s pants. They’re roomy, but fits me at the hips. They have big pockets, and they are not slim-cut. Most vintage pants also are well-tailored, giving you quality that is beyond the amount you paid for it. I’ve had this pair of pants many years already, and it still remains a comfortable go-to piece when I don’t know what to wear, or when I am pressed with time, or when I do not feel like dressing up. The pair is also conservative enough for a team meeting, where I have to “look older” because I realized, at 28, I am the youngest member of that team. D7K_0043I went for an all-black ensemble, but I threw in a vintage floral jacket, which was light weight, and wore, for the first time, a cute necklace I bought from a downtown accessories store. The bag is vintage, I bought from a friend, and my work notebook, which I got from a downtown school supplies store for P10, is vintage as well.



* Wearing vintage floral jacket, thrifted black shirt, vintage men’s pants, necklace from downtown, vintage red clutch, dept. store flats *

Photos by Joel Lopez


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