OUTFIT | Summer Weddings

Summer is the best time for weddings — school is out, people have the luxury to go on vacation, the sunshine is endless. The past summer, I attended three weddings, and because the season was hot and the weddings were Roman Catholic weddings, I had to be mindful of the clothes I wear. They have to be comfortable and airy, but not revealing (Catholic church rules). While I have no problem offending the Catholic church, I have no plans of ruining my friends’ weddings.


I wore a thrifted above-the-knee chiffon dress to one wedding. Chiffon is a very light fabric. Just make sure you wear a slip under or you will be revealing too much and the priest (if he takes notice) will curse you to hell.



I know the peplum and arm-party are no longer trendy, but the motif of one wedding called for red, and my only red piece of clothing was this peplum top. I still love the arm-party once in a while though, especially when I’m feeling my outfit is blah.



Eye shades/sunglasses are big help. So are strappy sandals. 😛


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