Simply The Best?

I’ve always been fascinated with photography, taking pictures, and capturing what I think was “beautiful” or “significant” at a particular moment in time. Though I always drool over high-tech camera equipment, I never underestimate lowly tools. It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer. Phil Kneen, one of my favorite photographers, said (and captured) it best.

Phil Kneen Photography

DSCF3140-EditI was talking to a college student this week, I asked him why I hadn’t seen any of his work recently, his reply bemused me – “I’m getting a Canon 5D mark three in a few weeks, so I’m not shooting anything until I get that, it’s like ten times better than the camera I’m using now…I want to shoot my ideas on the best kit…should I get the seventy to two-hundred?”

Amazing. This talented young artist has actually put his photography on hold because he doesn’t want to ‘waste’ any of his creative ideas on what he considers to be inferior camera equipment. I was going to point-out that the Canon 5D mark III isn’t actually ‘The Best’, if he wants that then he should really be saving-up his student grant for an 8×10 inch film camera, but I’d have been wasting my time, I think.


What is…

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