OUTFIT | Color Blocking at the Beach


I am kind of an “organized packer.” I like to pack light but pack as much options of clothes as possible. And I also bring almost all of my daily “beauty” regimen (in small bottles). I also bring most of my gadgets and chargers. Moreover, I also always pack a hat and a pair of shades and a belt because a belt will help save me from many outfit disasters.

When I pack, the outfits usually center on one piece: may it be a pair of footwear, shades or hat, or the bag I’m bringing. But my clothes should all be comfortable and wearable.

So, when I joined my boyfriend’s family in their Holy Week road trip, I bought clothes centered on my pair of green striped wedges from LeDonne and around this black Liz Claiborne hat. Good thing I also had several clothes I haven’t worn yet, so I brought them with me.


The hat and the dress are gifts from my great grand-aunt. The dress has a very plunging neckline, but I don’t want people to know how ample my breasts are, so I covered them up with this knitted cropped top. The result: color-blocking in the beach.

Photos: Joel Lopez (@lokalgod)


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