OUTFIT | Summer Black & White


The black pants and white shirt combination is popular, especially for office girls. The look is simple and easy on the eyes. Because of the combination’s simplicity, cool/dramatic accessories are warranted, although I’d say the simpler the better, especially if you’re showing off your impossibly straight and limp hair. (Okay, that’s not coherent, but I don’t know what else to say).

When my boyfriend and I went to Chillage, I wore this. It was already the start of summer and it’s hot but I need to look polished because I was also going to a meeting with my work colleagues. Although we don’t have a dress code, I don’t want to look too beach-y while discussing work matters, unless our work matters includes swimsuit designs. I have to admit also that, before going to the meeting, I fell asleep after eating lunch, and I was hurrying so I picked the most comfortable clothes in my pile of “to wear this summer” clothes. I used the green bag for a punch of color.

white Gap shirt | thrifted pants | gifted Sag Harbor bag | bazaar sandals

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