The Chillage


I heard of Chillage from my Facebook newsfeed. I was smitten with the artsy design of the interiors and the fact that it sells Cebuano- and Philippine-made products (including City of Vintage swimsuits, Leyende products, and Theo Philo artisan chocolates). I love people who showcase our own, so I wanted to be there. Mid-month, my boyfriend and I found ourselves in a very busy SM having sale, and already hungry for dinner. We decided to check Chillage, located at the Adnama Bldg. in the North Reclamation, near the Cebu Doctor’s University.



I loved some of the products they sold there, although some were too “teeny” for my taste (am old). 🙂 I’d come back to buy the artisan chocolates, sample some Leyende products, the cute owl ceramics, etc.

croque monsieur

We ordered taparoni (tapa + macaroni in tomato sauce) and a croque monsieur sandwich and Bayani iced tea (combination of ginger and dalandan) and mango shake at the suggestion of the waitress. The taste was just so-so though.

Photos by: Joel Lopez (@lokalgod


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