Start of Summer

The days are warmer and drier now. I have not felt rain for the past two days, and my kitchen door casts a sunshiny shadow in the morning. The days are longer, and the nights short. These signal the start of summer, at least here in our tropic country. Every afternoon, I wish to lounge in the beach or the cool waters of Bolo-Bolo and bring with me a jug of my own iced fruit tea. But for now, I am stuck in the city, working, and relaxing in between drafts.




On a Saturday, my boyfriend and I found ourselves basking under the glorious Cebuano sun at Fuente Osmena circle. There was a vehicular accident near one of the gates, and the rotunda was busy. But the park is peaceful, it’s unbelievable, with only a child running around the fountain in delight, and all the adults transfixed in the benches, as if waiting for the fountain to divert the course of the water, and sprinkle our thirsty mouths.

Happy Summer! 🙂

P.S. I’m wearing gifted Liz Claiborne hat, thrifted top that needs ironing, and thrifted floral skirt.


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