Vintage Silk Cover for Tablet

Remember this DIY? The remaining top of the dress was lying around in my bin of “vintage cloths” and I thought the fabric, which is silk, would be fabulous to spruce up a tablet cover. The tablet cover was plain black, really dull, and while there are lots of pretty and cute covers out there, I don’t want to pay more than P300 (the price of the dull black cover) for a cover. It’s also nice to have a customized cover, right? Something that’s silky and vintage-y and definitely my type of cover.


This one’s a really easy project, I finished it in less than an hour (although the drying takes time). I just opened the cover and traced the cloth, making sure there is extra fabric to be folded into the cover. Follow what you do when you cover books, except use glue (Elmer’s Glue) to make the fabric stick into the cover. The glue is also easy to peel off, when you get tired of the cover so you can change it with another one.

Et, voila!


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