From Too-Big Vintage Silk Dress to Chic Skirt

To be honest, I don’t deconstruct clothes that much anymore. I’ve only deconstructed probably 2 dresses in the past 5 months, compared to the monthly deconstruction projects I used to do. I am not very creative and I only have decent sewing skills. I also don’t have a sewing machine. I only sew by hand, learned through years of practice and lessons from our elementary school Home Economics teacher.
When I saw this vintage dress, I was drawn to the cloth (silky), the print (ropes), and the fit and style of the skirt. I was not in love with the style of the top though because it was big and slouchy on me. I bought the dress though thinking of deconstructing the top. But that deconstruction never took place in many months so I decided to sell the dress. There were no takers though, so I thought it’s time to do that deconstruction.

I separated the top and the skirt, the top waiting for further deconstruction (I hope I am successful on that one). I used the skirt immediately. That was an easy DIY deconstruction!. 🙂 Deconstruction, I think, is also a thrifty way of getting “new” clothes.


I’m wearing black eyelet cropped top, deconstructed vintage silk skirt, Linea Italia sandals and gifted bag. I’m also wearing Nichido Pink Lush matte lipstick.


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