FOOD | Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

There are many reasons why I would opt to eat vegetables over meat. Among those reasons, (1) I can’t cook (okay, I can cook a little but I don’t know how to cook meat), (2) I find the taste of blood offensive (although I’d gladly eat any meat dishes my parents cook), (3) vegetables are less expensive (and I’m cheap like that). Also, meat (and fish and seafood) are gross in the trash.

But, there are certain kinds of meat that are easy to cook (although not less offensive). Like ground meat. And because I love spaghetti, we prepared spaghetti with ground meat one time and . . . I think I can do without the meat. For me, it didn’t add anything. Maybe there’s a little “meaty” flavor but that can be done away it, at least for me.

So, for this pasta dish, I just added a little bit of ground pork to sauteed onions and garlic, some chopped carrots,  tomatoes, and red bell pepper, and a pouch of Clara Ole Sweet-style spaghetti sauce. Top it with grated cheese, and voila! You’re ready to eat. P.S., I love the taste of red bell peppers in the spaghetti.

Here’s a recipe for a vegetarian pasta.



2 thoughts on “FOOD | Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

  1. I have a friend who also doesn’t like the taste of meat, she is a vegetarian and swears that she can taste the blood even if something cooked in the same pan as a meat dish.

    I often use chopped up sausage as part of my pasta dishes along with some vegetables. Sausages are great since they come pre-seasoned.

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