quail egg siaomai

While diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China did not formally start until the year 1975, the two countries already had informal trading relations hundreds of years ago, even before the Spaniards came to occupy the islands. Many history books say our trade relations with China dated back to the year 300 A.D. One of the most popular artifact from China during those times are ceramic plates and jars found in archeological sites in many parts of the country. Because of this really long cultural interaction, it is of no surprise that Filipino cuisine is highly influenced by Chinese cuisine, and no surprise that I love pancit! 😛

Dimsum is probably one of my favorite things to eat. They are small, easy to eat, tasty and filling. The dimsum house we frequent here in Cebu is Dimsum Break or Harbour City.

the usuals: quail egg siomai, spring rolls, and steamed rice
the dips: ginger & hot


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