OUTFIT POST | MSI & Carlisle

As an alternative to my trusted personal computer that I’ve been using for more than 5 years now, I use an MSI X320 laptop. When I travel and is compelled to work, I bring my laptop with me. Or when I have the urge to work outside, I bring my laptop with me. The laptop has crashed several times, thrice to be exact, and I don’t know if that means it needs to be replaced. While I know that the laptop, like any other gadget, will have an end to its lifespan, I haven’t been inlove with another laptop that will replace it. The MSI X320 is already decommissioned. The model was made to imitate Mac’s Air. While I could not compare the two because I haven’t used any Mac laptop yet, I really really love my MSI laptop because it’s thin, its minimal, and its not heavy. What I also love about it is, the MSI shop at SM-Cebu has excellent customer service.D7K_0059

I’m wearing vintage Carlisle silk shirt, thrifted men’s pants, thrifted flats, men’s watch, gifted earrings, and Bench summer bag.


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